Monday, June 30, 2008

Attitude at the gas station

Why, oh why, must people who are selling you a product have an attitude and give you a hard time? I simply wanted four quarters to operate the air machine at the local gas station. Pete and I go there all the time for their wonderful popcorn-flavored crappy coffee, so we are at the very least loyal customers. So when I ask for some change in a rather polite and affable manner, I don't expect to be given an exaggerated eye roll and dramatic sigh from the clerk behind the counter. And when I mention to Pete (rather loudly, mind you) that I'm driving over to the air machine to fill my leaky tire, is there a reason that I'm allowed to get in my car, drive all the way over to the air machine, and attempt to operate the air machine before a warning "to the lady by the air machine" is blasted over the public intercom for all to hear? Is that really necessary? It was great fun getting back into my car, driving back to my parking spot, and waiting for Pete while the clerk puttered around behind the counter and pretended not to notice me glaring at her. Good times at 5:36 in the morning.