Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Why is it so deliciously easy to slack off and not get anything done on Sundays? I was a little cleaning tornado for the last few days and got TONS of work done in the house. But today the laziness bug has bitten me and I don't feel like doing much. Which is bad, since I still have lots of cleaning, errands, and freelance stuff to do. I'm sure having a little nip of Starbucks would motivate me if I can only get my lovely fiance to go get me some, but I'm thinking that's unlikely. 

Oh well. It's all good because in the meantime I've been creating lots of new sets on my Flickr page and blogging my little heart out. And Etsy's received quite a bit of my attention this weekend as well. I suppose it's a fair trade off since I'm normally super stressed and busy during the week. What's wrong with a little goofing around every now and then, anyhow? It's good for the soul, right?

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