Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Reading Effect and The Late Effect

Ever try to read a book or magazine while you're sitting at a stoplight? I tend to have long commutes that are punctuated by many, many traffic signals. So, I like to bring magazines or books with me. When I get a red light I pull out my reading material and read for the minute or two (at least) that the light is red. But I noticed something funny. If you try to do this, you tend to hit all green lights. It's true! Yesterday I brought a book with me, and every time I tried to read it the light would either turn green or stay green as I moved toward the intersection. It's a guaranteed way to get home fast.

And the opposite seems to be true for when you're running late. I get every single red light possible, in addition to freight trains, broken down cars, accidents, stray dogs running in the road, anything you can imagine. It's a sure thing that I will be even later than I might normally be if I'm running late because I feel I'm being punished by the traffic gods.

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