Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Okay, I'm trying a new thing where I stay calm, stop stressing, and let things roll off my back. But as Pete and I were driving home tonight, we got stuck behind someone going 10 mph under the speed limit. Now I don't insist people speed or drive recklessly, but I honestly think it's rude and discourteous when people drive like that. It means you're making at least one other person drive slowly because YOU want to drive slowly. And it's always on a twisty road or in heavy traffic so you can't pass anyone.  Even better, sometimes there's a "slow coalition" that consists of 3-4 cars abreast on the expressway that you're stuck behind, all driving slowly at the same speed, usually a good 10–15 mph under the limit, so you can't pass anyone. And last time I checked, driving slowly in the left lane on an expressway is illegal—it's meant as a passing lane and is reserved for faster-moving traffic (yes, it's true!).

So if you're one of those slow people, please be kind and either move up to the proper speed or pull to the side, so that the person behind you can pass you. It's great that you want to drive under the speed limit, but such limits are set up for a reason—to keep traffic moving properly. And I might be trying to get home to my family, or I might be late for an appointment, or work, or whatever. And now because I'm stuck behind YOU I'm going to get trapped at the next light, which will set off a series of red lights for me. Meanwhile, you tap on your brakes and hesitate at that first yellow light (which quickly becomes a red light for me), then suddenly sprint through and go about your merry way while I'm trapped waaaaay behind you. Gee, thanks.

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