Friday, July 18, 2008


My dad is serious about his puns. No one can match his way with this groan-inducing wordplay. And God forbid that anyone else gets caught up in the madness, like Pete did last night at my parents' house.

We were all talking about wedding traditions from different cultures, and I mentioned the jumping of the broom ceremony in African American weddings. That suddenly sent off a frenzy of puns, each one worse than the previous one. Apparently Pete found this irresistable and joined right in. Pretty soon I was feeling nauseated from the constant verbal stream and had to sit down. But Pete and my dad thought it was hilarious and had a blast outdoing each other. I practically had to drag Pete away from the house to escape. You might say Pete was "swept away" by my inability to tolerate any more puns...har, har, har.

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