Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smart Quiz

This morning I got blamed for "not believing" that Pete and I could win the Smart Quiz. This is a quiz that comes on at the same exact time every morning, but we have never tried to call in...until now. Pete knew the answer and wanted to try winning the prize, so I instantly grabbed my phone, dialed the Smart Quiz number (on speed dial, mind you), and handed him the phone. Of course Pete wasn't caller number 7, and I tried to explain to him that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people trying to call in at the same time. No, it had to be because I didn't think we could do it, and I somehow cursed our attempt to win with my reluctant attitude.

This is from the same man who also told me it looks like I have a giant poop stain on the front of my shirt today. Pete was thoughtful enough to comment on it while we were at the gas station getting coffee, and the girl behind the counter thought he was hilarious (although she was pretty sympathetic to me, too). And it it was Pete's parting comment when I dropped him off at work just a half hour ago. What a sweet man.

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